High Mold Counts – Outside and Inside

This year outside mold counts have been the highest on record in the Chicago area — on some days as much as fifteen times higher than normal. As a result, mold-allergic individuals suffer chronic upper respiratory irritation that feels like chronic cold symptoms.


This would explain symptoms that worsen when you spend more time outside. But what does it mean if your allergy symptoms become worse when you spend more time inside? If you experience the worst symptoms when you awake in the morning, this could indicate you have a mold problem inside your home compromising indoor air quality. You can most effectively locate the source of the problem by engaging an industrial hygienist to perform a thorough inspection for mold along with testing for microbial contamination. Air and surface tests for mold will give you the specific mold species and concentrations that you need to know to pinpoint the type(s) of mold that causes an allergic response. Once the exact nature and extent of the mold contamination has been delineated, a protocol for mold remediation will provide a precise map for remediation contractors to follow in eradicating the problem most effectively. A follow up inspection with air tests will give you the assurance that the mold removal has been effective and the source has been eliminated for the long term.